Porsche Speedster

Porsche 993 3.6 Speedster
  - YEAR : 1995 - ENERGY : Petrol
  - KILOMETERS : 44250 Km - HP : 272 (S1)
  - GEARBOX : Manual - COLOR : Guards Red
  - BODY STYLE : Speedster - TRIM : Black Leather

- Preview -

No assembly line ever built 993 Speedsters or produced them for the public. Porsche
never even sold a single 993 Speedster directly to a customer. The sole 993 born
a Speedster at the factory -- a green narrow-body with TipTronic transmission
and wood accents -- was given to Butzi Porsche as a birthday gift in 1995,
and resides with the family to this day.

Celebrity Jerry Seinfeld later bought a silver 1998 Cabriolet that he sent back to
Porsche after ~1,000 miles, asking them to convert it into a Turbo-look Speedster.
They did so using factory parts, mostly from the 964 - 911 Speedster.

A 2004 photograph of Seinfeld's conversion with a "For Sale" sign on it caught our
owner's eye in late 2007. He called immediately, but Jerry's broker said Seinfeld
had since changed his mind. Asked how to obtain a similar Speedster, the broker's
advice was: to obtain the best 993 as a base, use the best Porsche-trained craftsman
available, and only use Porsche factory parts. A widebody beauty was the
result, debuting in 2009 after more than a year of consummate labor.


This award-winning Guards Red 1995 Turbo-look 993 Speedster was painstakingly
crafted by a Porsche-certified Master Technician with over 40 years of experience.
He used original Porsche factory parts throughout, many from the rare 964 Speedster.
The design captures the best of the 993 and 964 models while honoring the
classic widebody turbo-look lines of the 1989 G-model Speedster.


A once-in-a lifetime opportunity to own an air-cooled Speedster
that naturally combines taste, style
and uniqueness."


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